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I should have posted this much earlier in the day, but I figured I'd take a moment to do this now.

Have you ever had a spectacular dream, and then before you can write it all down, parts go missing? That happened early this morning. I even had a friggin' beautiful song in it! And I think it was a Sarah R. Original! *head desk* It was on par with something by Amy Lee of Evanescence. Hell, it could have been n Evanescence song, and I. WOULDN'T. KNOW!!!!!!!! You know why? I only remember part of one line. :( And I still don't know if the line is correct. I just put down what I thought it might be.

I mean, the song was playing through out the dream! I should remember it! But I don't. ;_; It was so beautiful. A song to be depressed but happy to... It was very confusing.

Oh, and the story... Sorry, but I'm keeping that to myself for now. I might be able to flesh it out a bit more.

I had the song, the only song that could be written by ME and it's gone! That was the only song by me. There will probably never be another. Ever. ;_;

Sarah R.
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Today has started out great! Not only do I wake up to a NC-17 dream about the story I did last night, but I was able to write it down before it went away. :D

I'm a happy birthday girl! :D Sex with Mac Taylor(CSI: NY) in my dreams this morning and writing the story last night. The story was a AU about the season finale that was on last night, so I won't say any more about it until Vo gets to see the ep.

I need a pic of Mac for an icon/avatar. I'd like one from the scene where he was getting treated and had taken off his shirt! (Just in case anyone with the capability could make it for me and reads this journal.) *drools at the thought* Such a pretty man. ~_^ :D


Sarah R.


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