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2012-06-22 06:30 am

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One of my favorited authors on FF.N posted this, so I decided to put it here. Not that it will matter to FF.N, but I decided 'Why not?'.

There is a scheme brewing up with the FF staff and they're planning to take down any and every story over the M rated section (stories with yaoi, yuri, het lemons, song based stories, extreme violence, etc) ...

So on June 23rd, there will be an official Black Out. Authors will not log in, read, or review stories. Those who do not have accounts are also affected by FF's decisions too. Please participate and spread the news! If enough authors take part in this event, FF will know we mean business. Also, if anybody has any information on when this purging on M-rated fics will be please contact me. I would like to know in advance.


copy and pate this into your story updates, communities and forums

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2011-07-01 03:21 am

My name in Japanese!

Inputting my name in standard English got me this:

My authentic japanese name is 坂本 Sakamoto (book of the hill) 澄麗 Sumire (clear and lovely).
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Created with Rum and Monkey's Name Generator Generator.

Inputting my last name first got me:

My authentic japanese name is 藤原 Fujiwara (wisteria fields) 明日香 Asuka (fragrance of the bright day).
Take your real japanese name generator! today!
Created with Rum and Monkey's Name Generator Generator.

And I liked my names so I stopped there. :D
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2010-01-11 09:14 am

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

India Foxtrot Yankee Oscar Uniform Charlie Alpha November Uniform November Delta Echo Romeo Sierra Tango Alpha November Delta Tango Hotel India Sierra, Charlie Oscar Papa Yankee Alpha November Delta Papa Alpha Sierra Tango Echo India Tango Tango Oscar Yankee Oscar Uniform Romeo Lima India Victor Echo Juliet Oscar Uniform Romeo November Alpha Lima. :)
Whiskey Tango Foxtrot Mike Echo Mike Echo
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2009-08-20 05:36 am
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2009-08-15 12:22 pm

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Well, last night I sat on my glasses and broke the "string" holding one of the lenses in. So today Grandma and I went to where I got them. The guy said he would restring them while we were shopping. When we came back they were waiting, and it didn't cost a thing! Yay! Now I can see again!
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2009-05-17 01:33 am

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Your result for The Social Persona Test (What kind of man/woman are you?)...

The Renaissance Faire Wench (QLAF)

Quirky Liberal Alpha Female

The hardest part about being the Renn. Faire Wench is that people often mistake you for a beta female. This is not so. You might be quite flirtatious, but you are hardly relient on men. You like to do things the mainstream would consider weird, (like dress in costume, perhaps?). Eat, drink, and be merry, but make sure whoever you date respects you and does not take advantage of your laid-back attitude. (BTW, you are likely the only type who can see That Creepy Guy (NLBM) for who he is, helping him to bring out the Manga Geek (QLBM) inside. This does not mean you have to date one, however. You are quite flexible and can enjoy the company of many of the types.)

You are more QUIRKY than NORMAL.

You are more LIBERAL than TRADITIONAL.

You are more DOMINANT than PASSIVE.

When picking a date, consider: The Lord of the Misfits (QLAM), The Fratt Boy (NLAM), The Snowball's Chance in Hell (QTBM), The Manga Geek (QLBM), or That Creepy Guy (NLBM).

(Image from

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2009-05-04 08:29 pm

(no subject)

Well, I'm on here. Don't know how often I will be though. But I'm here!
Sarah R.
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2009-03-31 12:04 am

(no subject)

You Should Get a PhD in Liberal Arts (like political science, literature, or philosophy)

You're a great thinker and a true philosopher.

You'd make a talented professor or writer.

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2009-02-01 11:03 am

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Your result for Name That Tune - 80's Edition Test...

Still Living In The 80s

Congratulations! You are a true 80's music fan! I bet you still have ALL of your old records and tapes, don't ya?! And dance to them wearing your leggings and side pony-tail with a headband (female) or parachute pants and gel spiked hair with a headband (male). Click Here for the answer key.

And please rate this test if you enjoyed it!!

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2008-11-30 10:05 pm

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Your rainbow is intensely shaded black, blue, and violet.


What is says about you: You are a creative person. You appreciate mystery. You may meet people who are afraid of you. You share hobbies with friends and like trying to fit into their routines.

Find the colors of your rainbow at

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2008-11-05 11:09 pm

(no subject)

I'm surprised at my result. Especially since I've never seen the show.

SUPERNATURAL - Do you have what it takes to be Hunter ? ? ? ?
WOW ! Hunting is Definately for You ! ! WOW, you really know what your talking about when it comes to Demons, Spirits, Montsers and everything else that goes bump in the night.... Im sure Sam and Dean would be happy fo you to tag along ! ! ! :) :) :)
Fun quizzes, surveys & blog quizzes by Quibblo

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2008-10-24 06:37 pm

My Map!

visited 7 states (14%)
Create your own visited map of The United States or determine the next president

I'm a Southern gal through and through! ;D
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2008-10-11 12:25 pm

Pepsi Stuff Points

Is anyone doing Pepsi Stuff points? If you are,I have two points that I'm not using. First come, first serve, if you want them, let me know, and give me an email addy to send the codes to.

Sarah R.
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2008-09-24 03:42 pm

When I saw it, I had to take it. :D

You Are 72% Goth

You are clearly goth. Even if you don't consider yourself goth, other people do.

Let's face it. You're a little moodier, darker, and weirder than most people.

But that's okay. You enjoy being different, and you're proud of who you are.

Many psychologists think that goths are more self aware and smarter than the average person!

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2008-04-21 02:38 pm

(no subject)

I took this quiz even though I have neve seen an episode of the show. Here's my result!

Too bad I'm not that pretty, or skinny. Eh. *shrugs*
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2008-04-10 10:14 pm

Plot Bunnies/Muses Attack!

Apparently today the romance/times past/cheesey fall in love story bunnies/muses have decided I need to be hit today. The fist one, I can understand, the second one, I don't remember off the top of my head, but I wrote it down some. Now the THIRD is the one that's really trying to kill me. I know why it's here, I just wish it would leave me alone! *growls at bunny*

I was at the store and I saw a guy that was really cute! He had tattoos on his (mostly) lower arms, was wearing a black, snug, tank/wife-beater, and jeans that had the bottoms folded up, and black boots. He looked like an extra for movies like Cry Baby/Grease/Hairspray.You know, the 50's era bad boy type.*giggle*

I didn't talk to him at all, but it looked like he was going to be getting ready for some fun with someone later(mouth wash, something made by Trojan condoms, but wasn't that as far as I could tell. I'll look next time I go to the store.)

Anyway! This bunny now wont leave me alone and I wish it would quit bothering me. I already wrote some of what I need to down, and while the sex scene is nice, I don't need it right this second! And of course if I do write more than a paragraph down the bunny will go away, but I don't want it GONE, I just want it to bother me later, when I'm not trying to go back to sleep.

Well, I guess that was all I had to say.Talk more when I have something to say.

Sarah R.
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2008-02-14 06:18 pm

2 Quiz, or NOT 2 Quiz

you are mediumseagreen

Your dominant hues are cyan and green. Although you definately strive to be logical you care about people and know there's a time and place for thinking emotionally. Your head rules most things but your heart rules others, and getting them to meet in the middle takes a lot of your energy some days.

Your saturation level is medium - You're not the most decisive go-getter, but you can get a job done when it's required of you. You probably don't think the world can change for you and don't want to spend too much effort trying to force it.

Your outlook on life is brighter than most people's. You like the idea of influencing things for the better and find hope in situations where others might give up. You're not exactly a bouncy sunshine but things in your world generally look up.
the html color quiz