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I woke up this morning and took a shower. Soon after I was finished my mother came to take me to lunch (breakfast to me). I didn't feel well last night or this morning, but I went anyway. Then we went to Target to look at phones, plus get some things for her and her hubby. For presents for my birthday (which has passed) I got a phone (my last one died) that's really cute. I would give a link so you could see, but apparently it doesn't exist. *grumbles* The other thing I got was a CD. I'm listening to it now. (look at the music thing for the song I'm listening to on repeat) :D (I really need to learn Gaelic.)

I'm going to make my mother take me to a shop near her work that I've always wanted to go in. Later, of course. Maybe somewhere else to.

I started reading a book that I thought might be interesting. I've stopped now, since the guy went to get books on how to pick up women. *head desk* and it's a woman that wrote the book. That just made me stop reading it, right there. I'll go on to the other one I got. I have to read something until the next Anita Blake book comes out.

PotC: AWE comes out friday in theaters! Whoo! I can't wait! :D

Sarah R.

As a side note I HATE MY KEYBOARD!!!!!!!!! The R and other keys stick and I have to press them either so hard I break my fingers, or press something once and get two or three letters at once. I will be switching it with another later. Bye!
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